Visiting Cards on Corning® Gorilla® Glass ( Set of 100 cards )

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Note: I accept the Terms & Conditions outlined in the Glass Agreement Form, which can be downloaded using the link below.

Download Glass Agreement form

I agree that I shall send the correctly filled, signed and scanned copy of the Glass Agreement Form via e-mail to:

I also agree that Corning Technologies shall dispatch the visiting cards/business cards only after receipt of the scanned copy of the signed Glass Agreement Form.

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Visiting Cards - - - Always
4x6 Free 3’’x2’’ Free (1pc) - Always
5x7 Free 3’’x2’’ Free (1pc) - Always
7x9 Free 5’’x3’’ Free (1pc) - Always
8x11 Free 5’’x3’’ Free (1pc) - Always
11x16 Free 6’’x4’’ Free (2pc) - Always
12x18 Free 6’’x5’’ Free (2pc) - Always
16x24 - - Free (4 pc set of Dia-15mm each) -
24x36 - - Free (4 pc set of Dia-15mm each) -
48x55 - - Free (4 pc set of Dia-15mm each) -

Glossy Finish  Visiting Cards ( set of 100 cards )

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